Crowdfunding Campaign FAQ

What does it mean to be registered with Filmรคgarnas Kontrollbyrรฅ?

The function of the Filmรคgarnas Kontrollbyrรฅ (FKB) is to represent the interests of the film distributors in relation to cinema owners. Cinema owners report all ticket sales to FKB. Special tickets must be used for film screenings. Different rules apply to public and closed screenings. Films at public screenings films have been rented on a percentage basis from member companies of the Filmรคgarnas Kontrollfรถrening (FKF) - their tickets must always be used. It also means that if a film is shown publicly during a film festival, or is rented on a percentage basis, FKF tickets must be used. An example is when you rent films through distribution companies. Then you often have to pay a movie rental that is based on how many tickets sold plus a guaranteed fixed rental price. (Source for original in swedish)

What is the difference between the current projector in use at Hypnos and this new projector?

We currently use professional grade large venue Panasonic projector which is an excellent performer considering that it only displays 1280x768. That means that just under one million pixels appear on the screen. By contrast this Barco 2K projector displays over three million pixels.

Just as important, the Barco projector is capable of playing DCP (Digital Cinema Package) which is the standard delivery format for digital cinemas. These files are generally at least 200GB, meaning there is much more audio and visual information in the presentation when compared to the compressed presentations stored on a DVD (up to 6GB) or a Blu Ray (up to 28GB). So we can look forward to a far superior cinematic experience with the Barco and our superb (dare-we-say audiophile) JBL array.

Does this mean I will always need to buy a ticket to attend a Hypnos screening?

Hypnos will have screenings that require a ticket, just like every other cinema. The schedule and tickets for those screenings will be available at and at the door. Tickets prices will be the lowest in Malmรถ, guaranteed. Pay with Klarna or Swish, etc, simple. And there's no seating chart - it's a first to seats and sofas policy.

AND. Film i Malmรถ volunteers will continue to host closed screenings for members as they always have - you will always find their schedule at

What is a Film i Malmรถ member?

Fรถreningen Film i Malmรถ (FiM) is Hypnos's beloved non-profit film club - essential to it's spirit and culture, past, present and future. FiM members who pay dues of 100 SEK are welcome to attend any and all FiM screenings for 2 months and vote at the annual meeting in April. Typically 4-5 unique screenings every week!

What does this mean for Film i Malmรถ members?

Film i Malmรถ has shown nearly 1000 different films in the past five years and all of them have been closed screenings attended by members in accordance with FiM's licensing agreement. FiM will continue to host a handful of closed screenings for its members every week as it has these past five years. The difference is simply that from now on due paying FiM members will enjoy a discounted ticket price for open screenings!

The films that FiM is able to show for it's members are restricted to those movies that are available on home video release through a limited list of distributors - a list dominated by the largest distributors from the United States. As a result the available catalogue is extensive but by and large, limited to US productions. FiM volunteer programmers have been warmly invited to dig into the catalogues of distributors and select films to screen that are not available to them under their licensing agreement. Although attendance at these film screenings will require a ticket, it's a exciting opportunity for the programmers to expand their personal repertoires.

How much money does this campaign need to raise and how will this money be spent?

Hypnos will rent the space on the second floor that overhangs the cafe & lounge area in the back of the theatre. This space needs a wall and two doors - a regular door into the cinema at the top of the spiral staircase and a fire door to exit the rear of the projector room. At present the room has standard 10A electricity but the projector requires 16A. Ventilation exhaust must be installed directly through the roof.

We are asking for you help to cover the cost, approximately 50 000 SEK. This is based on preliminary estimates from contractors. They are preparing more detailed budgets to be delivered this week and we will update this as soon as we are able. We will also keep you to date on the campaign page with the total amount of donations received. Please help us get this going today!

When is the inauguration?

We are hoping to have this completed by the end of February, ideally the inauguration screening will be held on Leap Year Day, 29/02-2024. UPDATE. We have collected enough donations to get things rolling along but getting the first domino to fall has taken a month. Our patient work this past month will save us 10's of thousands of kronor. A new inauguration will be announced when it comes into sight.

Does this mean that Hypnos is really going to be like everyone else?

No, of course not! No one is like everyone else. It's only a matter of how capable one is at expressing one's own uniqueness. We see this development as an expansion of our palette that will enable us to better express our already creative and unique programming. This is a win for Film i Malmรถ and a win for Cinema in Malmรถ.